Pre Care


The client needs to know the full process of their upcoming procedure when it comes to before and aftercare. This ensures that our clients are fully informed before their procedure, in case they were planning on vacation or had a procedure done prior to this one.

It is important for you that the client knows all the necessary information and this will ease any anxiety that they may have about their upcoming procedure.

– No sunburn or frostbite for a minimum of 4 weeks
– Do not do deep exfoliation such as acids, IPL (laser), mesotherapy about 4 weeks before the procedure
– Do not perform treatments such as botox and filers 2 weeks before the treatment
– Do not drink a lot of caffeine on the day of the treatment (coffee, tea, energy drinks)
– Do not drink a lot of alcohol 24 hours before the procedure
– Do not take blood-thinning medications, e.g. ibuprofen, aspirin (does not apply to clients with conditions that involve taking blood-thinners)
– Moisturize the skin of the lips well – in the case of the lip treatment
– For the treatment of the lips, take pills for herpes
– During the treatment, the eyelids must be clean, no eyelash extensions, and the eyelash growth conditioner must not be used, contact lenses must be taken out for procedure.
– Discontinue retinol A or acid products and strong vitamin C 4 weeks prior to surgery
– Do not take antibiotics
– We cannot perform the procedure right after the surgery – a minimum of 2-3 months break
– Do not do henna and eyebrow shaping right before the procedure – at least 1 week in advance.


Patch tests are offered upon request. We invite all customers who want to be sure that there will be no allergic reaction to the pigment for an allergy test – $50. The test is not mandatory, but if the client decides to take the test, it must be performed up to 72 hours before the procedure, please make an appointment for the test at least one week in advance. On the day of the appointment, when filling out the form select “WAVE” (the client resigns from performing the test) if you decide on not taking the allergy test.