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We offer high quality services in esthetic permanent make up, medical micropigmentation, camouflage and scalp micropigmentation

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Our school is certified by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. We offer fundamental and advanced microblading and permanent makeup training.

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Investing in online training gives you convenience, comfort of learning from your own home and flexibility to work at your own pace.

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“Signature Services & Individualized Attention.” – this is our motto


I have been a permanent makeup artist for over 13 years. I’m the owner of the certified cosmetic salon Signature Ink Institute. It was created from love to permanent makeup and the possibility of working with clients that want to enhance their beauty.

Salon specializes in cosmetic pigmentation, correction procedures and medical esthetics.

I have gained my experience through years of work and constant education. I have trained with the best permanent makeup master artist in the industry so that I could reach a master level and to take joy in performing at the highest level of services for our clients.

Over 2 years ago Signature Ink Institute acquired 2 amazing people Aleksandra and Zuzanna, working with them is a pleasure!

We are constantly developing our team, taking part in conventions and industry meetings so that our clients can have outstanding service and amazing experiences.

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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a procedure involving pigmentation of the skin in order to beautify individual parts of the face and body in a long-lasting way.

What can be achieved with pmu:
– emphasize and thicken the eyebrow arch
– thicken the lash lines
– create an imitation of hair
– improve the symmetries of the face
– fill the loss of color in lips
– give expressive color and shape to the lips
– highlight the shape of the eye
– shape your face through the shadow on your cheeks
– cover scars
– Imitate restore hair growth
– give your face a flirtatious look by adding freckles
– camouflage stretch marks

Remember permanent makeup is not evening makeup. It should be a subtle color filter that, when applied to the eyebrow arches, eyelids or lips, emphasizes the freshness and naturalness of the face or gently enhances the shape and color of individual elements.