4 Days $3,500 (certificate 100h)

During this Training you will be provided with:
– Learn the newest pmu technique from master Agata Kubiak
– Eyebrow mapping set with instructional video
– Student starter kit pmu course book
– Unlimited access to technique demonstration video
– Hands on practice on live models
– Complimentary lunch
– Pmu Certificate & bloodborne pathogen certificate

Day 1
Basic pmu theory

On the first day we start with providing our students with bloodborne pathogen training. It’s important that beginner pmu artists learn how to follow the rules of hygiene in the work place. We will discuss issues connected with the risks of getting infected or spreading viruses/ bacteria a how to prevent it. After passing the bloodborne pathogen test we provide a complimentary lunch. Following a break you’ll be shown how to prepare your work place, yourself, and the client for the pmu procedure. We will then have an introduction to eyebrow mapping, followed by a practice of how to correctly draw a shape of an eyebrow

Day 2
Class Introduction

During your second day with us we will begin by teaching you all the theories that you will need, including colorimetry technique, eyebrow mapping, different types of needles, and the different types of techniques. Upon learning all of this information and answering any questions, you will begin practicing on imitation skins before models. Your first day will consist of covering all the information you may need and going over the information that you were sent prior to starting the class.

Day 3
Ombre Technique

On your third day you will be taught the ombre Technique. This technique, although sometimes confused with powder brows is a very subtle method. The goal with this is to work with the brows you already have and fill them in to give you a fuller look. This is perfect if the client is looking to fill in their brows due to some sparse areas. After theory part of the day we will bring in a model for your to practice on under the supervision of Agatha

Day 4
Powder Technique

On your fourth day with us you will begin learning about the Powder Technique. This soft technique means that the tails of the brows are darker and fade lighter to the start of the brows, giving them a subtle look. Ombre is a very subtle method with a beautiful results. At the end of this day you will receive a completion certificate.