Contraindications to the procedure result primarily from the safety and concern for the client’s health. Certain diseases and factors can affect the durability, color and appearance of permanent makeup.
– Pregnancy, lactation
– Infection, increased temperature
– Antibiotics Therapy
– Long-term use of steroid drugs
– HIV, Hepatitis (Jaundice)
– Active neoplastic disease
– Haemophilia
– Unstable diabetes
– Active Herpes
– Psoriasis
– Allergies (e.g. anesthetics, pigments)
– Skin changes in the treatment area
– Heart arrhythmia
– Epilepsy
– Surgical treatments
– Nervous hyperactivity, nervous tics
– Skin with a tendency to keloid and scarring
– Using aesthetic medicine for a short period of time before the procedure (fillers, botox, intensive exfoliating treatments)
– Using products such as: retin A or AHA
– In the case of eye pigmentation treatment – Eyeball diseases, eye surgery, glaucoma, cataracts, tendency to conjunctivitis and retinal detachment, eyelash extensions and the use of eyelash preparations
In the case of scars, pigmentation is carried out at least 3 – 4 months after their formation, not irritating, not painful and not hypertrophic.