Side view of cosmetologist wearing black gloves making permanent makeup for young beautiful woman. Using specialty tool for tattoo. Client lying at beauty salon with closed eyes.


Microblading – A semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows. With this technique, we create hair-like strokes that mimic the look of natural hairs within your brows.

Powder – This technique creates a subtle yet full look by working over the brows already in place and giving them one solid color. Ideal for someone looking to fix sparseness in their brow and create the perfect look. 

Ombre – Similar to the powder technique, the goal with ombre brows is to create the illusion of already perfect brows. With this method, begin at the beginning of your brows and fade the pigment darker towards the end. 

Hybrid – With this technique we combine the art of microblading and powder brows. Ideal for someone without any brows, this will give the illusion of realistic brows and a full shape. 

Full Lip – Through this technique we will create the look of a fully colored lip. Through this technique we can fix any imperfections in your lip and give the look of bright healthy lips while also giving you a beautiful color.  

Ombre Lip – Using this technique we will line the lips with a darker color and fade into the lip with a lighter color. This is ideal for clients with already full lips that want to create and better shape. 

3D Lip with High Light – During this technique we use three different colors to create a beautiful subtle look. 

Classic Eyeliner – Ideal for women who want the look of a small wing or simple line without having to draw it on everyday. 

Elegant Eyeshadow – During this technique we use to colors to create the look of eyeliner and eyeshadow. This technique is ideal for the everyday makeup users or those who never want to leave the house without makeup. 

Smokey Eye Eyeliner – This technique uses one color to create the look of a beautiful smokey eye. 

Lash Enhancement – With this method we create lines in between your lashes to mimic the look of fuller darker lashes. 

Blush – During this method, we apply pigment on the cheeks giving the face a radiant, healthy, and rejuvenated appearance. This is a very subtle and delicate treatment. 


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