Macro shot of woman's beautiful eye with extremely long eyelashes. Sexy view, sensual look. Female eye with long eyelashes. Eyelashes extensions. Perfect make-up


Eyelash Tint – During this treatment your technician will add a special dye to your eyelashes, giving you weeks of dark and full lashes without needing mascara. Price: $25
Eyelash Lifting with a Tint – During a lash lift we perform what is similar to a perm for your lashes and also deposit the pigment onto your lashes giving you the look of falsies without actually using them. Price: $95
Eyelash Lift – An eyelash lift consists consists of giving your lashes a perm in order to make them have a nice upward shape with a gorgeous curl. Price: $85
Eyebrow Tint with Waxing – During this treatment we will wax your brows and then deposit a dye onto your lashes in order to achieve the color you want. This is an amazing alternative to permanent brows or filling them in everyday. Price: $25
Eyebrow Tint – When getting a eyebrow tint, we cover your brows in a dye in order to darken them and achieve the look of perfect brows. Price: $35
Eyelash Extension Volume – Volume lashes are a more innovative technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture. These lash extensions give you a beautiful fuller look. Price: $250
Eyelash Extension Hybrid – Hybrid lashes are a mix of volume and classic lashes. They involve using both longer and shorter lashes to give you a texturized and life-like, non-uniform lash look. Price: $210